p6 – uncertain woman

As I was removing the newspapers from in front of the office door, a woman came by. Attractive, I’d say. Potentially elegant but fear seemed to be making her movements ungraceful. She left and came back a few times. Finally I said: ‘Detective Pennybright is missing and we don’t know when he’ll return.” She didn’t seem surprised. As she went down the stairs, I heard hissing sounds.

This is Clarence Clavicle again, DPB’s neighbour.
Thank you for the opportunity.

p5 – studying detective handbook

I am concerned that Detective Pennybright is leaving more clues than finding them. The newspapers on doorstep, overflowing mailbox, Christmas decorations …

I am reading up on detective work, in case I am forced to step in during his absence.

1/ start new cases on new moon
2/ stop using full sentences stop
3/ leave false clues  (flight information, etc)
4/ do not get attached to case. let go, once solved
5/ exercise your capabilities of descending to the heights of profound pettiness
6/ petty criminals is an oxymoron

(library closing now)

Thank you for this opportunity. CC

p4 – report from DPB re Mr. XX

found Mr. XX with the help of k9-agent Gwyllym. second floor above pawn shop. his job is coming up with restrictions and bylaws to spoil fun. i congratulated him. then i sat in the chair opposite and stared at him. didn’t say anything for 15 minutes. that did the trick. i could smell his fear. k9-agent G enjoyed stale pizza. level 2 in a few days.


hope office not fallen apart in my absinthe.